Safety Bundle!!! $2.47 per Liter / 12 Pre-Loaded 1 Liter Spray Bottles of Selectrocide® Clo2bber and 1 Case of 125 Gallons (2.5 gallon pouches) of 1G for Refilling Bottles and Commercial Sprayers / Free Shipping / 1G Expires December 2021

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Limited Time Special Offer!  Buy 1 case of Selectrocide® Clo2bber along with 1 case of Selectrocide® 1G refills at a reduced rate.  Free shipping!!!

1GExpires December 2021

$100 cost savings to help ensure you can keep your Clo2bber bottles and commercial sprayers full of our Ultra Pure Chlorine Dioxide disinfectant.  Order now to receive this limited time offer!  

Total end product quantities:

1 Case Clo2bber = 3.17 gallons of end product

1 Case 1G = 125 gallons of end product 

128.17 gallons of total end product is equal to 485.18 liters

This special offer is equivalent to getting 485 Clo2bber bottles for $2.77 a bottle!!!

With our limited time discount, the pricing drops down to a mere $2.77 a liter for one of the industries safest and strongest products!